Adams County Homestead Credit

ACED has introduced the Homestead Credit Incentive as a resource to help in the construction of new homes and to incentivize workers to live in Adams County via the purchase of existing homes. If you are buying or building anywhere in Adams County, and you meet the other criteria listed below, you may be eligible for a credit to help with closing cost, taxes, or purchase funds. Please see below for details and contact us with any questions. 


Homestead Credit Guidelines 

  • Amount per award = $2500
  • Award will be applied at the time of closing/purchase
  • Home must be owner occupied, and at least one homeowner working full time within the borders of Adams County
  • All of Adams County is eligible, no location blackouts
  • Non-owner occupied properties are not eligible
  • Multi-family properties are eligible, as long as one unit it occupied by an owner who meets all the above criteria
  • Program has $10,000 available for 2024